Terrestrial Incident Manager

The best got even better. We are proud to present another year of improvements to our solar powered disaster relief robot.

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We're excited to present the versatility of T.I.M.

Supply Delivery / First Aid

With its spacious payload bay, T.I.M. is able to deliver a various degree of supplies, including food, water, medical equipment, and other humanitarian aid.


A lightweight frame and protective mesh allow for quick preparation in between missions and rapid deployment.

Energy Efficiency

The robot is wired for two modes, 12 and 24 volt. The ability to tailor it’s speed and energy consumption dependent on the task at hand allows it to longer when stamina is important or rush to a site when time is of the essence. And since it uses solar, the energy used is energy efficient.


T.I.M.’s module system enables T.I.M. to be implemented in diverse operations as easily interchangeable modules truly make the Terrestrial Incident Manager adaptable in a vast array of mission objectives


To allow for long range control, T.I.M. is equipped with a camera that live streams to a web server. Because of the permanent tunnel to the server, the feed can be accessed nearly anywhere in the world. All the code is written in python and bash, allowing it to be both modern and fast.

Search and Rescue

Any professional can utilize T.I.M.’s remote control access and multi-visual Pi camera to deploy, navigate terrain, and locate those in need for extraction.

The Robot

What's New in Version 2?

Another year of development has T.I.M. sporting a wave of new and improved design features, including:

  • Smoother module system.
  • Lighter, durable, weather-resistant frame.
  • Larger holding capacity.
  • Clearer video connection and trimmable controls.
  • Better handling and operating capability .
  • Updated wiring layout with labeled switches, modes, and ports.

Our Team

Meet our awesome team.

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Kate Walsh

Electrical Engineer

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Thomas Robertson

Mechanical Engineer

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Liam Rosenfeld

Software Engineer